Keeping Your Wood Shop Safe

Woodworking is a fantastic hobby but it can also be dangerous if you aren’t careful.  Accidents do happen and most of them can be avoided if you use common sense and a few precautionary measures.  There are plenty of ways you hurt yourself with woodworking tools. Keeping your wood shop safe isn’t difficult, here are some tips to help.

Keep Everything Clean and Organized

After you are done working your project then you need to put away all of your tools.  Put all of the loose screws in boxes, stack your wood neatly, make sure the cords aren’t dangling and put every tool in the place it belongs.  Clean your floors clean, having a pile of sawdust on the floor can become a slipping hazard not to mention a fire hazard.

Be Careful of Your Clothing

You have to be careful around power tools all of the time.  Simple things like strings from a hoodie, jewelry, your hair or even your sleeves can get caught in saw blades or other moving parts and that can leave you seriously hurt.  Before you turn on any power tools, make sure that you have no loose clothing that can cause injury.  Accidents happen very quickly.

Always Use Your Safety Equipment

Safety equipment like gloves, and glasses are there for a reason and you should use them all of the time.  It can’t be stressed enough how important safety glasses are, ask any emergency room doctor!  Use your gloves if you are handling lumber along with any of the chemical products used to treat wood.  Splinters aren’t fun and solvents can cause nasty chemical burns.  If you are using solvents make sure you are in a well-ventilated area and wear masks when you need to.

Don’t Force Your Tools

Your tools like saw blades should always be sharp and you should never have to force them to cut through wood.  Take the time to cut your wood properly and avoid rushing, that’s how accidents happen.  Check your saw blades to make sure they are sharp and there are no missing teeth.  The blade won’t work properly with broken teeth and you need to replace them.  You should also learn how to sharpen your own tools to help keep them in good working order.  If your blades aren’t cutting through your wood then you need to stop and figure out why.

Woodworking is supposed to be a relaxing hobby but that doesn’t mean you don’t always put your safety first.