Try Your Hand at Woodworking

If you enjoy working with your hands and are looking for new projects to keep you busy then you might want to try your hand at woodworking.  It is a great hobby and you really don’t need any experience.  There are a million different sites online where you can find plans for projects to try.  Most will give you step by step instructions along with a list of materials that you will need.  You can start by making a simple box and work your way up to complicated pieces of furniture.  If you have never tried working with wood before here are some steps to get you started.

Basic Tools

Before you get started on a project you will need to have some basic tools.  You will need things like a tape measure, a couple of different saws, a hammer and a few other things.  You don’t have to go and spend a fortune on power tools, you can work your way up to that.  But in the meantime you can get started without them.

Learn How Wood Joinery Works

Before you start cutting up pieces of wood you need to understand how wood works together.  Inevitably it will help you put together more complex projects in the future.  Carpentry has a couple of different methods of attaching wood together aside from just nailing two pieces together.  That is the beauty of learning woodworking.  As you get more experienced you can create some beautiful pieces.

Find Some Good Woodworking Plans

There are a number of different sites that offer free and paid woodworking plans to help you get started.  You will want to start off with something rather simple, online you will find dozens of different objects you can make with step by step instructions.  Find a project that you find easy to follow that also tells you the materials you will need.

Small easy projects are a great way to get started and it will help you learn at your own pace without getting too overwhelmed.  Following the steps will do more than just help you finish your project they also teach you basic woodworking skills at the same time.  You can learn different tools and how to use them properly.  You may even want to look into taking a local course in woodworking to learn some more advanced techniques. You don’t need any experience to start woodworking you just need to enjoy yourself.