Woodworking Plans for the Absolute Beginner

Once you have decided that woodworking is the hobby for you the next step is getting started.  You will want to start building your first project, ideally you want to start with something simple.  Simple woodworking projects could be making a bird house or building a dog house for your furry friend.  This is the easiest way to get started and learn your way around the tools and wood used in projects.  Here are some woodworking plans for the absolute beginner.

Tools and Wood

Woodworking covers everything from a simple table to a complex carving.  As the projects get more complicated you will learn more about the various woodworking tools and the types of wood you can work with.  You may start off with common pine or cedar and work your way up to more exotic and expensive woods.  Most plans that are geared towards beginners will spell out exactly what tools you need and the type of wood recommended for the project.  Take your time and learn, master carpenters take years to learn their trade.  Don’t start buying a whole bunch of expensive tools before you are ready to use them.

The Plans

This is the information age and woodworking hasn’t been left behind, there are thousands of sites on the internet where you can buy plans or even get some for free.  If you prefer to read plans in your hands rather than on a computer screen then you can even check out your local bookstore they will have a large selection of books on wood working in the craft department.  You can learn at your own pace starting out with beginner projects and working your way up to something far more complicated.

After you have tried a couple of projects and you get a feel for the type of wood and what sort of woodworking you prefer.  Some people prefer to build furniture while others prefer to carve pieces of art.  You may even want to seek out a local class where you can improve your skills.  Do you have friends that enjoy woodworking?  If so then they may be able to help you learn more about woodworking.  They can even help you choose a suitable project for a beginner.

When you are first starting out don’t worry too much about how your projects turn out, instead focus on learning something from the experience and from your mistakes.  Like any other skill, you will improve with practice.

DIY Outdoor Furniture

Summer is not that far off and if you are looking for a new woodworking project that isn’t too difficult then you might want to try your hand at making some patio furniture.  You can get exactly what you want and in the perfect color to match your patio.  Where do you begin with all of the different options and styles?  You can start by figuring out your space and what you want to put in it.  Do you want a picnic table for family and friends or a couple of Adirondack chairs to sit and enjoy the sunshine?  Once you have that figured out then it is time to get some plans to build your furniture, don’t be intimidated by the idea of making furniture it isn’t as difficult as you think.

Woodworking Plans

When you have found the style of patio furniture you want to build, now you need some plans.  You can either find a set of plans to purchase online or you can draw up your own.  Even if you buy plans you can always modify them to suit your needs.  It is not that difficult to make a table longer or build a different style of bench.  Creating your own plans may be a bit more difficult especially if you are new to woodworking.  If you’re new to woodworking and this is the first time tackling a project this big then stick to the plans and experiment once you have more experience.

The Lumber

Once you have your plans they will tell you how much lumber you are going to need but you will still need to decide what type of wood you want to work with.  Most plans will recommend a couple of different types that will work best with your project.  You also need to figure out the finish that you want.  Do you want to use a stain for a more natural look or if you want to use paint instead.  Cedar is used quite often when it comes to decking and trim and it is a great wood to use if you are a beginner.

Plan Ahead

If you want your project to turn out then you need to buy your wood in advance, at least a few weeks before you begin your woodworking project.  Take the timber and put it in a cool and dry place.  You will also need to put spacers so that air can get in between the boards.  This helps to dry the wood out.  When you work with wood you will need to make sure that it is dry, if it isn’t then your furniture can warp or split.

This is a great project to occupy your time in the spring, when summer rolls around you will have great furniture to show off to your friends and family.

Keeping Your Wood Shop Safe

Woodworking is a fantastic hobby but it can also be dangerous if you aren’t careful.  Accidents do happen and most of them can be avoided if you use common sense and a few precautionary measures.  There are plenty of ways you hurt yourself with woodworking tools. Keeping your wood shop safe isn’t difficult, here are some tips to help.

Keep Everything Clean and Organized

After you are done working your project then you need to put away all of your tools.  Put all of the loose screws in boxes, stack your wood neatly, make sure the cords aren’t dangling and put every tool in the place it belongs.  Clean your floors clean, having a pile of sawdust on the floor can become a slipping hazard not to mention a fire hazard.

Be Careful of Your Clothing

You have to be careful around power tools all of the time.  Simple things like strings from a hoodie, jewelry, your hair or even your sleeves can get caught in saw blades or other moving parts and that can leave you seriously hurt.  Before you turn on any power tools, make sure that you have no loose clothing that can cause injury.  Accidents happen very quickly.

Always Use Your Safety Equipment

Safety equipment like gloves, and glasses are there for a reason and you should use them all of the time.  It can’t be stressed enough how important safety glasses are, ask any emergency room doctor!  Use your gloves if you are handling lumber along with any of the chemical products used to treat wood.  Splinters aren’t fun and solvents can cause nasty chemical burns.  If you are using solvents make sure you are in a well-ventilated area and wear masks when you need to.

Don’t Force Your Tools

Your tools like saw blades should always be sharp and you should never have to force them to cut through wood.  Take the time to cut your wood properly and avoid rushing, that’s how accidents happen.  Check your saw blades to make sure they are sharp and there are no missing teeth.  The blade won’t work properly with broken teeth and you need to replace them.  You should also learn how to sharpen your own tools to help keep them in good working order.  If your blades aren’t cutting through your wood then you need to stop and figure out why.

Woodworking is supposed to be a relaxing hobby but that doesn’t mean you don’t always put your safety first.

Try Your Hand at Woodworking

If you enjoy working with your hands and are looking for new projects to keep you busy then you might want to try your hand at woodworking.  It is a great hobby and you really don’t need any experience.  There are a million different sites online where you can find plans for projects to try.  Most will give you step by step instructions along with a list of materials that you will need.  You can start by making a simple box and work your way up to complicated pieces of furniture.  If you have never tried working with wood before here are some steps to get you started.

Basic Tools

Before you get started on a project you will need to have some basic tools.  You will need things like a tape measure, a couple of different saws, a hammer and a few other things.  You don’t have to go and spend a fortune on power tools, you can work your way up to that.  But in the meantime you can get started without them.

Learn How Wood Joinery Works

Before you start cutting up pieces of wood you need to understand how wood works together.  Inevitably it will help you put together more complex projects in the future.  Carpentry has a couple of different methods of attaching wood together aside from just nailing two pieces together.  That is the beauty of learning woodworking.  As you get more experienced you can create some beautiful pieces.

Find Some Good Woodworking Plans

There are a number of different sites that offer free and paid woodworking plans to help you get started.  You will want to start off with something rather simple, online you will find dozens of different objects you can make with step by step instructions.  Find a project that you find easy to follow that also tells you the materials you will need.

Small easy projects are a great way to get started and it will help you learn at your own pace without getting too overwhelmed.  Following the steps will do more than just help you finish your project they also teach you basic woodworking skills at the same time.  You can learn different tools and how to use them properly.  You may even want to look into taking a local course in woodworking to learn some more advanced techniques. You don’t need any experience to start woodworking you just need to enjoy yourself.