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We are a retailer for the DIY reclaimed wood product RECwood. RECwood is reclaimed barn wood planks pre-cut and ready to be installed.

Each package contains 20 square feet of 100% usable material. The planks come standard at 3 or 5 inches wide and are approximately 4 feet in length. In addition, the wood is straight cut on all sides and has a thickness of 5/16 of an inch. This minimal thickness allows for application directly onto drywall or onto plywood backing. In addition, all this processing is done before the wood arrives at our shop, so there’s no waiting for the wood to be milled and prepared. Just stop in and pick up as many boxes as you need! All these features make it a perfect product for both experienced and new DIY woodworkers.

Along with the planks, inside each box is the history of the wood. This includes a picture of a structure where the wood came from and a description of the location, age and use of the structure.

More information on RECwood is located in our online shop.

RECwood planks are great for DIY accent walls, kitchen islands, tabletop veneers, headboards and more!

At Reclaimed Wood Crafts, we carry RECwood planks in Big Sky Gray, Kentucky Bourbon Brown and California Coastal redwood. Each box contains one style and width of wood for a uniform look. However, try using boxes of different styles for a more unique and colorful look.

Just like all our RWC products, RECwood planks are American made from reclaimed lumber from all over the United States including California, Montana and Kentucky. All of the structures were a century or more old before they were carefully deconstructed. RECwood is the fastest and easiest way to add a piece of American history into your home.

As with all reclaimed wood products, no two boxes of one style will be exactly the same. Each package of planks features lumber with one-of-a-kind aging and weathering only achieved by centuries of time.

RECwood is lightweight, easy to use and ready to take home today. Contact us for more information or stop by to get started on your next DIY project.

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