Reclaimed Wood For Sale

We use and sell a variety of reclaimed wood lumber and beams. We carry a wide stock of types, tones and levels of weathering. Our basic groupings of styles of wood we carry are gray, red and brown shaded boards in many different wood species and sizes. We exclusively carry hardwoods such as oaks. Our stock is always changing and growing so styles may change from pictures provided.




Stop by the store to see our stock and pick out specific pieces for purchase. You may also call or email to inquire about purchase of reclaimed lumber and beams.

Click the image to take a virtual tour and view the types and styles of wood we carry

History of Our Wood

Currently, the majority of our stock is currently from an Amish barn in Wisconsin, and two barns from Edmonton, Kentucky (shown below) which date back to the 1800's.

Our reclaimed wood retains the character and style of the rustic barns from which the pieces originated. Design factors such as nail holes, eyes in the wood, left over paint and bark edge (aka "live edge") make each piece unique. You can truly see the history of the wood just by looking at it's texture and style.

The old growth wood we sell is strong and resilient due to its greater thickness and age at time of harvesting.  Choosing reclaimed for DIY projects helps minimize deforestation and allows for a one-of-a-kind final product.

In addition to our lumber stock, we also carry RECwood planks. These planks are milled and cut to be ready for DIY projects such as walls and tabletop veneers.

Reclaimed wood is also great sustainable option as compared to newly harvested wood. Our reclaimed barn wood was able to grow for centuries before it was used as lumber. Then the barn is deconstructed and the wood can continue on into a new product without having to cut down new trees.

Our lumber is competitively priced. We can work with you to get the product you want while still being within your budget.