Wood Wall Paneling

We offer reclaimed wood wall décor for homes and businesses. We create custom wall paneling from real wood in a variety of styles and colors. This adds a truly unique feel and warmth to the home not seen with wallpaper or paint.

Wood walls exploded in popularity in the time since we began offering ours from reclaimed wood. Numerous home design shows and websites feature this natural and rustic addition in farmhouse chic, country and even modern style homes.


customer wall paneling inside entertainment center and behind television

At RWC, our wall paneling has character and design that is unlike any other wall decor option. It shows the beauty of the aged and weathered wood. We use the wood in its natural states and tones when making wood walls. Our walls include a combination of brown, gray and red hues. Beauty marks - such as nail holes, saw marks, and knots - add to the overall atmosphere and connection to the history of the lumber.

Reclaimed wood wall art brings style and taste back to wood paneling. Wallpaper, paint, and synthetic wall paneling from the 70's are all things of the past. Wood panels can be used to add a rustic accent to a wall or cover a whole room for a log cabin atmosphere. Our panels even look great in an entryway or around a fireplace.

No two pieces of reclaimed wood are exactly the same; which meanspaneling around corner behind stone fireplace your paneling from RWC will never be exactly the same as any other company's or another customer's. You will get a product that is truly one of a kind.

Reclaimed wood can be used on more than just walls! We can add wood panels to any flat surface such as a kitchen island’s sides. In addition our panels can be used to create a unique wall headboard.

Wooden wall décor is great for businesses including office spaces, retail shops and restaurants. We can fit your businesses design with our wood paneling.

We also offer a DIY product RECwood which can be used to add paneling to walls and islands as well!

television with cabinets and wall paneling at reclaimed wood crafts

See our full gallery for more examples of installed wood walls or contact us to learn more.