Environmental Hardwood Flooring

kitchen remodel with reclaimed elm flooring

More and more, people are adding Eco-friendly features to their homes. Such additions include compost gardens, solar panels and solar powered outdoor lights. These features are an excellent way to help the Earth by protecting natural resources. Surprisingly, hardwood flooring can be a positive addition a house and still good for the environment if the right materials are cache_4216210463used.

New flooring can be a part of a large remodel or simply add to an existing style. Many types of hardwood flooring come from young forests and therefore require living trees to be cut down to be created. However, reclaimed hardwood flooring uses wood from forests which were cut centuries ago. Although this wood is centuries old, it still retains the strength and resilience needed for high quality hardwood flooring. Reclaimed wood is obtained from the dismantling of unwanted vintage homes, train depots, barns and warehouses which were constructed over 100 years ago.


The old growth trees which were used for these structures back in the 1800’s, were able to become stronger due to their longer lives in a cleaner environment than trees that are harvested today. In addition, the older wood becomes aged and weathered which allows for rustic style and character that cannot be recreated by artificial methods.

The loss of forests as a result of the lumber industry is a growing issue which impacts everyone. However, using old wood for new products does not contribute to such deforestation. Using reclaimed materials makes it possible to create new flooring while supporting efforts to preserve the forests. These environmental benefits have caused reclaimed flooring to grow in popularity and demand in both homes and businesses.

When its time to remodel again, do something good for the planet. Consider adding reclaimed hardwood flooring instead of new manufactured flooring and save some trees!