Outdoor Furniture

We make outdoor furniture for covered patios, porches and decks including:

  • Tables
  • Benches

Reclaimed wood outdoor furniture looks great on patios and offers new style to backyards and porches.

Outdoor furniture is great for eating dinner together in the fresh air. The natural style of the wood goes hand in hand with the view of  nature.  In addition, our benches are great for sitting in the shade on a warm summer evening and relaxing with friends and family.

Conventional patio furniture is often boring. This is frequently because retail patio furniture is made of cold, plain plastics or metals. In comparison, our wood furniture is warm and inviting. Mass produced furniture store products cannot match the unique style of our custom reclaimed wood furniture.

Our products are made from wood which is centuries old. This history is given a new life in our furniture. Since these barns were built in the 1800's, the families who lived on the farms didn’t sit inside and watch television to relax. Instead these families would sit outside on a warm evening and talk or play games to relax after a long day of work.

We give you even more of a chance to connect with the past by using reclaimed wood in your new furniture. Adding our patio furniture to your home will make you want to spend more quality time outside.

Our patio furniture, like all our furniture, is eco-friendly because it does not contribute to deforestation. So you won't feel guilty about harming the environment as you admire the beauty of nature from your porch.

We specially finish all of our outdoor furniture so that they can keep their shape and looks while outside on a patio or porch.

We encourage creativity in custom orders. This is the most common in our custom outdoor furniture. Such creativity lead to some very unique custom items such as a rustic lemonade stand.

All of us at RWC love to have BBQs and quiet evenings together. However, this is difficult if you have old, broken or no patio furniture. We can help turn your dull backyard into an inviting atmosphere perfect for having friends and family over to relax and enjoy.

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