Custom Mantels and Beams

Reclaimed Wood Crafts installs and designs ceiling and fireplace décor items including:

  • Fireplace Mantels
  • Ceiling Beams
  • Box Beams

Beams or mantels by Reclaimed Wood Crafts can transform the look and feel of your home.

Ceiling beams come in many different styles. Box beams are lightweight and hollow, but give the same look and feel of a solid wood beam. Beams have the ability to make a room look bigger and grander or smaller and more rustic. The effect on the room depends on the chosen style and placement. In addition, our custom ceiling beams look great on both flat and vaulted ceilings.

We offer more rustic or modern and smooth mantels. Most are made from the solid wood beams from centuries old barns and have a very distressed and hearty look. However, we also offer box beam mantels constructed from thinner reclaimed lumber for a lightweight and more custom option. Flat top mantels can double as shelves for displaying pictures and other items..

Mantels made from solid beams have two standard styles of edging. The first being a simple cut off edge which displays the internal structure of the beam and the second is with a mitered edge. As shown below, the mitered edge gives the appearance of the rough, edge continuing around the corner of the mantel piece which is not seen in the simple mantel edge.

Mitered Edge

mitered edge close up on mantel


Whether you choose solid or box beams, both our mantels and our beams are great accent pieces for your home.

By repurposing rustic solid beams into a new product, we connect to history as a once discarded or forgotten relic may continue on. In addition, by reusing such beams and lumber, we contribute to the issue of conservation of the worlds' forests. Reclaimed Wood Crafts holds the history of our products in great regard and attempts to pass the story onto you in your new reclaimed wood mantel or beam.

Contact us today to learn more or get started on a custom piece!