Custom Products

Here at Reclaimed Wood Crafts, we can make a large variety of custom products; from the simple farmhouse table to all new kitchen cabinets with an island to match. Our custom furniture can be perfectly tailored to fit your home and lifestyle. Whether you want new living room furniture or an accent wood wall, we have the tools to get the job done! Stop by our gallery to get a feel of what we are all about and how our past custom projects updated various interior designs.

We try to provide as many examples of our past work as possible to help with ideas and also to show the beauty of our past custom products. However, we are not limited by what we have done in the past! We always welcome new customer ideas and examples.

Our rustic countertops, tables, benches and wall paneling have brought a natural feel to local restaurants and businesses. In addition, we frequently work with designers, contractors and artists to help them and their clients with a multitude of projects. On certain products we offer special pricing for contractors; contact us directly to find out more about pricing.

We also specialize in rustic wall décor and flooring. Our reclaimed wood wall paneling adds a unique style to a room in just one simple project. In addition, our custom flooring comes in many tones and styles to fit your needs. Due to the aged wood used in our flooring, our hardwood floors show less dirt as well as scuffs or scratches which might occur.

Our reclaimed wood products are not limited to furniture! We can create almost anything you can think of out of reclaimed wood. This includes many types of projects, from simple floating shelves all the way to large sliding barn doors. In addition we can create smaller products such as frames, tablet holders, and signs for your home or business.

In addition, because we use reclaimed wood, we do not contribute to the loss of forests when we create new furniture.

Truly One of a Kind

All of our custom products use reclaimed barn wood that is over 100 years old. This wood is stronger than newly harvested wood and has a look only created by aging over time. As a result, our products are truly one of a kind as each piece of lumber is unlike any other.

Please feel free to contact us today to get a quote or learn more about our process.