From Timber to Tabletop

round tabletop for metal base

Our Journey Building a Custom Round Tabletop

One of our most recent custom projects here at Reclaimed Wood Crafts, was a custom round tabletop. We took pictures along the way so we can give some insight into our process and show how we transform 100-year-old, rustic lumber into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

It all begins with the lumber. For this 2″ thick round tabletop we needed to find some great solid 2″ material that would cover the 27″ diameter. After sifting through our bays of wood we selected these seven hardwood boards because of their great character and wood grain.

seven boards for custom round table

Next step was to join the boards with biscuits, titebond 3, and a few clamps. We use clamps to ensure the bond is nice and tight while the glue sets overnight.

clamping together boards for round table top

Once the boards were joined together, we traced an outline on the boards, took a skill saw to the square, and turned it into a circle.

rounded reclaimed wood table top before finish

With the carpentry complete, it was ready to head off to our finishing area. For this round tabletop our finisher used General Finishes 450 flat, which is an exterior grade, water based polyurethane with minimal sheen. Once the finish has been applied, the saw marks and wood grain becomes more pronounced, which enhances the boards existing personality.

reclaimed wood table top finished

A great deal of time and care goes into all of our projects. We hope you learned a little something about the journey from timber to table, and we look forward to sharing our next project with you!