Commercial Projects

We love commercial projects because they allow us to meet more members of our community and share our vision of style without sacrificing history and environmental awareness.

We have partnered with many local businesses to remodel or add to their existing decor. We have the tools and the experience to remodel your business with reclaimed wood tables, countertops, benches, barn doors, flooring and even wall paneling. In addition, we can create unique pieces for businesses such as personalized signs and cash register stands.


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From one reclaimed wood wall to an entire remodel, we can create beautiful upgrades for any number of commercial spaces.

Rustic barnwood has grown in popularity in both residential and commercial design. We offer our custom furniture services to businesses and individuals alike. We especially enjoy working on commercial projects for other small businesses like ourselves.

Adding wood to your business interior is great for other all natural and health conscious companies and natural designs. However, reclaimed wood is also great as a rustic touch in an otherwise contemporary interior. The growth in popularity in homes also means that your customers and employees are likely to enjoy our reclaimed wood style too!

We've even remodeled our own space with reclaimed wood. Stop on by to see some of the ways we can add to your commercial remodel!

In addition to those listed above, we have partnered with many other businesses to add reclaimed wood to their interior design. We can provide upgrade or addition options for many types of spaces and uses; including law offices, fire stations, restaurants and retail stores. From rustic barn wood accents to dining tables; we can update the look of any space in a number of ways. 

Contact us to get started on a great new décor!