About Us

The true beauty and distinctiveness of reclaimed wood comes from its history and the process it undergoes to ultimately become a treasured creation for your home. Every piece of this unique product has its own story. Reclaimed wood is essentially “recycled” wood that was harvested decades ago, used in construction and then salvaged when the structure was torn down. The quality and strength of the wood is unlike any that is used in furniture manufacturing today. The trees used a century ago had time to mature in a cleaner, more natural environment creating denser, sturdier, healthier timber. The wood is just as strong now as when it was first harvested.

We love bringing that story back to life as we provide our customers with beautiful handcrafted wood products for their homes. This is what motivates us every day at Reclaimed Wood Crafts. The story of each unique piece of wood is our story.

We are dedicated to customer service at Reclaimed Wood Crafts. As a small, family-owned business, we are able to give you the one-on-one attention and communication not found in large or online only companies. We strive to provide a high level of service and quality in our customer relations and products. We aim to build a long-term relationship to help you with any of your wood furniture, flooring, finishing or repairing needs that may arise in the months or years ahead.

At RWC, you are not just another customer, but a welcome addition to our creative team by giving input and ideas about how to make your product unique to fit your home.

Our Team

Our team is highly skilled in construction and design of custom furniture, staining and finishing, and installing. We can help you get the perfect style of reclaimed wood product for your personal taste and preferences. We specialize in rustic design, but can do more modern and sleek designs as well. At Reclaimed Wood Crafts, our team is growing and expanding to include more and more skilled individuals in woodworking and design to ensure we have the best group to get your custom orders done right.

Jerry has loved working with wood and tools all of his life. He grew up on a farm in North Carolina and loved following his dad around with his little wooden toolbox, helping out wherever he could. After 8 years in the US Army Infantry and a successful career in the tech and gaming industry, he came back to his roots working with barn wood and has loved every minute of it.

Mike’s fascination with how things are constructed began during his childhood. When he was a young boy his parents referred to him as “Destructo”. This was because of his habit of deconstructing everything he could get his hands on in order to understand how they were built. Although this is not the safest or best thing for a child to do, this destruction came from a genuine thirst for knowledge and understanding. At the age of 11, Mike was introduced to woodworking when his great Aunt enrolled him in a summer class on whittling. His first woodworking project was a wooden duck he whittled in class and then gave to his mother (which she still has to this day). Fast forwards a few years and Mike was then able to further his love of woodworking and building when he was given an opportunity to work for Willhoit Cabinetry and Design - a prominent cabinet company in southern California focusing mainly on high-end custom homes. He spent several years with Willhoit improving his craft before another great opportunity presented itself: a position at the prestigious Gulfstream Aerospace where he would be building custom cabinetry for the interiors of the G550 and new G650 aircraft – of “like a G-6” fame. After working at Gulfstream for some time, he eventually left and partnered up with Jerry Sparks. Here he was introduced to the world of reclaimed wood while bringing in his 15 plus years of knowledge and experience in woodworking and custom cabinetry to RWC. Since then, Mike and Jerry have taken Reclaimed Wood Crafts to the next level in both the quality and the service we provide our customers.

History of Our Wood

We work mostly with reclaimed wood recovered from the mid-west and east coast area. All of the wood we offer is over 100 years old, and in some cases, nearly extinct in current forests. Our shop provides a process in which old timbers are harvested and reused to make beautiful custom furniture. Through repurposing for modern use, we give this wood a new life, which contributes to conservation in the lumber industry. We offer a product that is not only useful and beautiful, but also one with a history.

The majority of our reclaimed wood is currently from an Amish barn in Wisconsin, and two barns from Edmonton, Kentucky (shown on the right) which date back to the 1800's.

Contact Our Team

Our team will do everything possible to ensure you are completely satisfied. We look forward to working with you - now and in the future.


Jerry Sparks

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Mike Firner

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