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The Story of Reclaimed Wood

The true beauty and distinctiveness of reclaimed wood comes from its history and the process it undergoes to ultimately become a treasured creation for your home. Every piece of this unique product has its own story. Reclaimed wood is essentially “recycled” wood that was harvested decades ago, used in construction and salvages when the structure…

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Environmental Hardwood Flooring

More and more, people are adding Eco-friendly features to their homes. Such additions include compost gardens, solar panels and solar powered outdoor lights. These features are an excellent way to help the Earth by protecting natural resources. Surprisingly, hardwood flooring can be a positive addition a house and still good for the environment if the…

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Living Juice Kiosk

One of our past projects was a custom kiosk made with reclaimed wood for Living Juice’s Los Angeles location. Living Juice is a cold pressed juice restaurant which focuses on health and natural ingredients, there new location makes it easier to get fresh juice while on lunch break as it is in the financial district…

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